Living Victorian - Living today with a touch of yesterday

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Living Victorian means living today with a touch of yesterday.

I enjoy the elegance of the Victorian era, and incorporate a flavor of that time into my style.

Just by using a monogram on your stationery, wearing a cameo, using your favorite piece of silver will give you a quiet taste of that opulent time.

If you have a collection from that period, lets say silver spoons, display them proudly and you have incorporated a piece of history in your home with very little effort. It makes your home unique and special.

I want to give you several ideas and ways to enjoy incorporating a little of that bygone era into your life and home.

Please enjoy our writings and let us know if you have any suggestions.

We all want to be unique enjoy incorporating the Victorian flavor into your life.

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Let’s start by explaining what is a monogram? A monogram is the first letter of your full name. For instance, “Steven John Frost” so your monogram would read “SFJ”. Usually the first letter of your last name is in the center. There are so many different fonts available, it is just a matter of your preference.

What do we use a monogram for? There are endless opportunities. Monograms were very popular in the Victorian era. We still use a monogram in many of the same ways. One of the most popular ways in which to use a monogram was on stationery. This is still one of the most popular ways today. We can have an embosser imprinted with our monogram to use on stationery, a wax seal with our monogram to seal our letters or just have stationery imprinted with your monogram from a printer.

We have seen recently monograms making a big resurgence in the form of jewelry, which again many pieces of jewelry were popular in the Victorian era incorporated monograms

If we really think about it, we have been using monograms for hundreds of years. We will keep using monograms for many generations to come.

That is why we say you can have a touch of the Victorian style in your home and experience a little of the luxury of that opulent era.

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Maybe your grandmother or grandfather left you a piece of jewelry but it is not your particular style. However, you want to keep it and incorporate it into your style.

So, we have found that many people collect watch fobs (probably your grandfather) what do you do with them? The answer is “Repurpose”.

If you have a collection, you can make a charm bracelet. If you have just one you can use it on a necklace just like a pendant.

These are just a few quick and easy ideas to keep your family history and maintain your style of the day.

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Here is an easy and elegant craft which can be used with any decor.

All you need is a shell, a scallop shell works well, or another shell around that size.

Find a picture of a calling card on line or use a favorite photo and copy it.

Then, cut and fit your design into the shell. We used mod podge to glue the design into the shell. Try to spread the glue evenly, and do not use too much.

Let it dry, Then apply a thin layer of mod podge over the design to give a light seal.

This unique little dish can be used for so many things like: jewelry, spare change etc..

What design you put into your dish will determine what style fits your needs.

Maybe you can even use it for calling cards, if you are lucky enough to have a collection.

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