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Your Home Made Cookies For Holiday Gifts

cup We all love to bake during the holidays, but how we present our home made cookies as gifts can be a challenge with the limited time we have available. We have designed a few quick and easy packaging ideas that will present your home baked cookies in style.

1. Use a holiday mug to put your cookies in and wrap with a festive cylophone paper and bow. You have two gifts the mug and cookies!

2. Buy or create a Christmas stocking and pack your cookies in a cellophane bag and place in the stocking. This would be a great gift for that special child on your list.

3. Buy a holiday cookie platter, place your cookies on the platter wrap in cellophane paper and bow...how easy!

4. If you are making large cookies, place one in a cellophane bag and tie with a bow and add a tiny ornament on the bow for that festive touch.

5. If you feel artistic, decorate, paint, a plain cookie can and just place your cookies in it. This is really a personalized gift.

We hope this helped you to create many special cookie packages to give during the holiday season.


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